Our Website Design Process

At DuBuc’s Island Designs we believe that it is important that you as our customer and we as your website designers are on the same page. We believe that having a clear, easy to understand process not only helps you, the customer to better understand what is going on, but it also helps us, as your designer to produce better websites. For these reasons, we have developed a 3-phase process to help move our customers projects from start to finish smoothly and efficiently without jeopardizing quality. There are several steps that need to be completed in each of the three phases before moving on to the next phase. We’ve outlined our process below.

The first phase is the Planning Phase. The planning Phase consists of two steps:

  1.  The initial Client/Designer Meeting.
  2.   Present Client with a Written Proposal

The second phase of our website design process is the Development Phase. The development phase is the longest of the three phases. It consists of the following 4 steps:

  1.   Creation of the Wire-frame Sketch (Similar to the Blueprint of a home)
  2.   Creation of Mock-up Designs
  3.   Design Selection, Modification & Revision
  4.   Website Construction

The last phase is our Testing and Beta Phase.  This final phase also has four steps that will bring us to completion of the website design process.

  1.   Demonstration of the Website
  2.   Final Review, Modifications, Review
  3.   Go Live – Website Launch

Have Questions? Give us a Call: 808.949.3648! Curious about cost? Here are some general prices that will give you an idea of what you can expect.